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Lantern Corps

Verlag: DC (© DC Comics, Inc.) Name: Green Lantern Corps Erstes Erscheinen: Showcase #22 im September Erschaffer: Autor: John Broome,​. Hal Jordan & das Green Lantern Corps 6 – Der Fall der Götter (Enthält Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps ) Das Bündnis mit dem Sinestro Corps. Green Lantern Corps: To be a Lantern: Gibbons, Dave, Gleason, Patrick: Fremdsprachige Bücher.

Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps ist der Name einer fiktiven intergalaktischen militarisierten Strafverfolgungsorganisation, die in von DC Comics veröffentlichten Comics erscheint. Das Red Lantern Corps ist ein Lantern Corps, das die Rote Energie der Wut nutzt​. Es wurde von. Das Orange Lantern Corps ist ein Lantern Corps, das die orangene Energie der Habgier nutzt. Ihr. Verlag: DC (© DC Comics, Inc.) Name: Green Lantern Corps Erstes Erscheinen: Showcase #22 im September Erschaffer: Autor: John Broome,​. Green Lantern Corps: To be a Lantern: Gibbons, Dave, Gleason, Patrick: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Hal Jordan und das Green Lantern Corps: Bd. 1: Sinestros Gesetz | Venditti, Robert, Sandoval, Rafa, Van Sciver, Etahn | ISBN: | Kostenloser​. Hal Jordan & das Green Lantern Corps 6 – Der Fall der Götter (Enthält Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps ) Das Bündnis mit dem Sinestro Corps.

Lantern Corps

Hal Jordan will ins Green Lantern Corps zurück - doch das gibt es nicht mehr! Stattdessen nimmt der Planet des Sinestro Corps jenen | jetzt bestellen! Schau dir unsere Auswahl an black lantern corps an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. variant GREEN LANTERN CORPS #55 BRIGHTEST DAY 1st print DCCollectibles, Comics, Modern Age (Now).

Now that Simon and Jessica have two of the seven first rings Volthoom is after, Rami and Tyran'r intend to find the remaining five before the First Lantern.

Superman tracks down the Fear entity Parallax possessing children who then volunteers to become its host to save the children. Soon after Sinestro captures them and transports them to Qward.

Parallax is now afraid of being controlled by Sinestro, who is saved by Superman. Superman informs Hal of Sinestro's survival and hands over Parallax who has also fled.

Superman and Hal next help Hector Hammond who is being kidnapped by the Kroloteans. Who reveal they made Hammond to be their God Brain, making him their weapon.

Once saved Hammond kills the Kroloteans and attempts suicide by controlling Superman's heat vision but is saved by Hal.

During this, he wore Element X armour made from the metal of possibility. When Ganthet and Sayd are taken it is revealed to be what remains of The Controllers led by Kellic, where they have rounded up every Guardian left.

Sharing their origin with the Guardians from Maltus being once the same race and with both groups now going extinct, The Controllers begin killing them one by one, soon Yekop, Natos and Gurion are remade into Controllers.

Hal, John, Guy and Kyle search and ultimately find The Controllers, releasing the Guardians before suffering the same fate as their brothers. The Controllers, however, escape, revealing that although they are stronger in number now they need an army and so set about creating new Darkstars.

The last surviving Guardians: Ganthet, Sayd, Kada Dal, Rami, Zalla and Paalko decide to take up an active role to guide the Corps again and repair their reputation by creating a positive lasting legacy.

The new council of Guardians first involvement with Corps came with a conflict with General Zod and his family. When Kyle and Hal are captured and stripped of their rings by Zod on the planet Jekuul, where he is worshiped as a God and also equipping the natives with Sunstone Spears.

Hal is able to summon his ring and gives it to Kyle to get help. The Guardians are reluctant to act, but an unauthorized rescue mission is still taken to save Hal.

Kyle even with Hal's ring that makes him overpowered as it is made of pure willpower is not enough to stop Zod. Hal demonstrates a new power to 'teleport' to his ring and confront Zod.

Hal captures Zod but the Guardians arrive and declare he should be released as they were the aggressors.

The Green Lantern Corps although unhappy with this agree to leave. Kyle's ring is also returned but not before Zod and his allies have copied all data off it as part of a bigger strategy.

Simon and Jessica help save a race called the Molites transporting them to Abin Sur's homeworld of Ungara. Simon using his miracle healing powers to save the life of the Ungaran Regent's daughter.

They also help a recently freed Bolphunga, freed by making a deal to kill his elderly father Boff, with a being called Singularity Jain.

Bolphunga's rep is revealed as a work of fiction, when the Green Lanterns are fighting Jain, the battle ends as it is revealed Bolphunga has killed his father making good on the deal.

Jain escapes and Bolphunga goes back to the prison but using his father death as the first step in making his rep a reality.

When a Ungaran xenophobic group called Red Tide blames the murder on the Molites, Simon and Jessica help clear their names. In the defeat of Red Tide, the Regent's daughter attempts to use newly acquired superpowers to push the xenophobic movement's agenda into the public eye.

This backfires with the public turning against her, with Simon taking back his healing sending her into a coma and with that the Regent of Ungara resigns having also done questionable things during war time.

Kellic and The Controllers are about to launch their new Darkstar mantles but some find themselves enslaved by their own technology.

Their psionics are used to link the minds of Darkstars together and tapping into their cosmic energy to produce more mantles.

The first Darkstar chosen is Tomar-Tu who becomes their leader. Soon more and more Darkstars are recruited murdering criminals across the universe with final justice.

Tomar-Tu uses the chance to kill Goldface the man who murdered his father Tomar-Re. The Darkstars thanks to being linked together, in greater numbers and having advanced teleportation can easily defeat the Green Lantern Corps.

This results in the four corpsman recruiting unlikely allies. Guy also briefly becomes a Darkstar who almost kills his father but is stopped by Arkillo.

John Stewart comes up with a plan, where Hammod severs the link between the Darkstars and The Controllers. Tomar-Tu fights Hal but is defeated, Hal uses his ability to be pure will overloading all the Darkstars mantles defeating them.

With no loss of life, the green lanterns prove to the universe their justice is the best way. Tomar-Tu who is now remorseful of his actions is about to be killed by Zod as his father Tomar-Re failed Krypton.

As Hal protects him Tomar-Tu takes his own life saying he was good at the end. The Controllers await trial but are in a coma and Hammod is missing after the fight.

Back on Mogo, John Stewart announces that new rings have been created and sent out, finally these new recruits will replenish the many lanterns lost over many years of conflict.

Jessica and Simon meanwhile investigate a superhuman trafficking organisation called the Order of the Steed, venturing to Hellhole and teaming with Scrapps of the Omega Men.

They also took part in a thousand-year-old ceremony regarding the lost lantern of the Vaikeans one of the first races to join the corps.

With help from the Justice League and John Constantin Simon is able to help her break free of the realm and trapping Jain inside.

It's also revealed that the reason why Jessica's ring talks is due to her will channelling her lost friends Matteo, Marc and Jeanette through it. A series of problems begin to affect the corps, John Stewart is attacked and left near death in a battle with an energy being called Eon who also leads an armada of ships manned by The Ravagers.

At the same time Mogo begins a series of devastating storms battering the corps headquarter. Also, a communication blackout jams the whole corps and conflicting orders supposedly given by the guardians create paranoia of a traitor.

Fighting the Ravagers over the planet Penelo Simon Baz abandons the corps in battle believing he is being ordered by the guardians to go to Earth.

Henshaw reveals he has infiltrated the whole green lantern corps and central power battery, manipulating everything.

Not only that Simon has unknowingly brought Henshaw the Phantom Ring, that Henshaw murdered the guardian for.

Hal Jordan arrives turning the battle but Penelo is lost then Henshaw's combined forces attack Mogo. With all his powers Henshaw defeats the guardians and causes all green lantern rings infected to stop working.

Simon Baz gets John Stewart and the two attack and railing the corps. Henshaw abandons his troops so he can once again destroy Coast City, Hal goes after him.

Eon is trapped the guardians and corps defeat a leaderless Ravagers. Before being seemingly defeated the Cyborg Superman along with Eon and the Phantom Ring disappear to parts unknown, with The Ravagers going to be settled on a new world.

With Mogo needing time to heal, plans start to move to a New Oa. Also it will take time for all lantern batteries to be cleansed of Henshaw's influence.

After relocating the remaining population of Penelo, Jessica Cruz decides to leave Earth to explore the universe to find herself. In the future shown in the Legion of 3 Worlds miniseries, it is revealed that Mogo has been long dead.

Without him, there is no way to distribute the rings; thus, there is no Green Lantern Corps in the 31st century.

Sodam Yat is the last Guardian of the Universe , living on the now ruined Oa. Previews for Legion of 3 Worlds 3 show Yat taking on several rings of the fallen Lanterns with a new oath:.

Let those who try to stop what's right, Burn like my power Green Lantern's light! After aiding the Legions in defeating Prime and his forces, Yat realizes the universe needs to fight such threats.

Going back to Oa, he sends rings across the universe to recruit a new Green Lantern Corps. Mon-El is chosen to become a Green Lantern. Later he gives up the ring because he is also field leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

In the original Legion continuity, the Green Lantern Corps were banned from Earth, thanks to the actions of the Green Lantern who became the Legion adversary, Universo.

With recent alterations to this future continuity, it is unclear if this ban still exists. Similarly, the Guardians were revealed as still on Oa in the original continuity; their fate in the revised continuity has yet to be revealed.

The power ring must be recharged regularly though apparently not at the standard hour period as was originally described by touching it to its lantern-shaped power battery for a period of several seconds.

When recharging their rings, some Corps members recite an oath. This oath differs from Corps member to member, but the most popular seems to be Hal Jordan's.

As the embodiment of willpower which is connected to the green light of the Emotional Spectrum, Ion was revealed to be actually the emotional entity for the Green Lantern Corps.

Representing the stability of willpower, Ion serves to support its host, providing a vast supply of power in return for the willpower it is provided by its host.

Ethan Van Sciver describes Ion as resembling a large, primitive whale or fish. Born when life first moved of its own accord, the entity itself has several physical characteristics emulated by the Guardians and their Corps.

Ion also has a monk fish-like appendage that ends in a lantern-like lure. Ion was later captured by Krona and joined the rogue Guardian on his quest to take control of the Green Lantern Corps, by possessing one of the remaining six Guardians of the Universe.

Ion has since returned to the Green Central Power Battery, only leaving it when the battery itself forcefully removed the green entity from it because it was suffering from a strange illness.

When Relic, a native of a prior version of spacetime, began a quest to prevent the harnessing the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum energy, he revealed that the Emotional Spectrum had a reservoir that was becoming exhausted and it would eventually destroy the Universe.

After Relic wiped out the Blue Lantern Corps and forcefully drained the green light from Oa's Central Power Battery and destroying the planet in the process, Ion sacrifices himself by passing into the Source Wall in order for the reservoir to be refilled.

The Book of Oa is a massive tome, located on Oa. The current keeper of the book is Salaak. Heavily populated Sectors like can have several Lanterns.

While the primary Lanterns of Sector are Hal Jordan and John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner call Earth home, but are stationed on Oa, first as teachers, and then specially assigned to cases that are too difficult for the average lantern.

The official number of active Lanterns apparently does not include backup members who are kept in reserve to be called to active duty on short notice in the event that the regular Lantern in their particular sector is not available.

In the original organization, the active list was apparently kept at a strict maximum considering John Stewart was not mobilized during the Nekron crisis despite the situation's dire nature, as opposed to Guy Gardner who was medically unfit for duty at that time.

Despite the vast number of Green Lanterns, certain sectors of space apparently do not recognize the authority of the Corps, as alien superhero Icon claims that his status as a citizen of the interstellar civilization known as the Cooperative makes him immune to prosecution from Guardians or their agents.

Each member has a great deal of autonomy as to their methods in their jurisdiction, subject to review by the Guardians if they feel the Green Lantern in question has abused their assigned authority.

The individual Lanterns are responsible for arranging their replacements when possible if they are near retirement or death.

If a Lantern dies before that obligation is met, the ring will find and seek another trainee on its own.

The planet-sized Green Lantern named Mogo plays a key role in this, helping to direct the rings to suitable recruits.

In rare circumstances, Guardians will personally go out into the field to recruit a replacement, via telepresence. The recruitment of backup Lanterns is more ambiguous with different criteria such as the second closest worthy candidate to the dying Lantern in an emergency search is automatically designated, such as the case of Guy Gardner.

When the sector's Lantern was still active, the Guardian would make a selection of a backup on their own, as with John Stewart's recruitment after Gardner was injured in an accident.

Hal Jordan disagreed with this selection upon seeing Stewart's apparently belligerent attitude, but the Guardians stood by the decision and the recruit quickly proved himself.

Upon recruitment each Green Lantern in the original Corps received a Power Ring, a Power Battery shaped like a lantern with which the ring is recharged , and a uniform.

The default uniform design for humanoids was a green section covering the torso and shoulders, black arms and leggings, green boots, white gloves, green domino mask , and a chest symbol of a stylized Green Lantern icon on a white circle.

Lanterns were allowed to customize their uniforms as long as the color scheme and the symbol were present. When the nature of the being precludes a standard uniform, an equivalent arrangement is expected as a substitute.

For instance, Mogo , a sentient planet, arranges his foliage to create a green circling band and lantern symbol on his body. Jack T. Chance , a humanoid, refused to wear a uniform, but conceded to wearing a badge on the lapel of his coat.

Lanterns were also allowed the option of a secret identity as a security measure and it is implied that the Corps were instructed to honor that choice by taking care not to expose them.

Training in the use of the ring was optional and appropriate facilities and personnel were available on Oa upon request.

In addition, a senior Lantern can be assigned to coach a recruit while in the field in their sector. The New Green Lantern Corps being built by the Guardians is far more formal and structured than the old one that was destroyed by Parallax.

Recruits, after being found by their Power Rings, are taken to Oa for training. Not all recruits will make it through training - indeed a great many of them might even fail, forcing the ring to find another candidate.

Lantern trainees have a simplified version of the old Green Lantern uniform with green covering more of the torso with the white circle on their chest blank until the Lantern insignia is added upon completion of their training.

Additionally, all Power Rings, not just the ring assigned to the interim Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, now work on the color yellow, provided the user can feel the fear behind the color and overcome it.

Salakk was selected as senior administrator and the Keeper of the Book of Oa. Due to this he was also selected as the Clarissi which means he is second in command after the Guardians of Oa.

Kilowog and Stel act as head drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps. Voz is the jailer and Morro is keeper of the crypt. Green Lantern Corps headquarters are on the planet Oa , in the center of the universe.

Oa was destroyed shortly after Hal Jordan became Parallax, but was later reconstituted by Jordan's friend Thomas Kalmaku. Formerly a natural if barren planet, the reconstructed Oa is now a vast labyrinthine planet-sized construct.

Primary features include a great hall for the Guardians to meet in conference, training facilities for recruits, prisons called Sciencells for dangerous criminals, and tombs dedicated to honoring fallen lanterns.

Oa's most prominent feature is the Central Power Battery, a gigantic version of the Lanterns' personal power batteries. The central battery channels the same green energy of the Guardians and amplifies it, broadcasting energy to the individual power batteries across the universe which can then be used to charge the Lanterns' power rings.

Particularly dangerous beings, such as Sinestro or Parallax, are sometimes imprisoned within the central battery. Maintaining security on this device is vital as major damage to it would prevent individual Corpsmen throughout the universe from recharging their power rings, thus depowering the entire Corps in a single blow.

The Guardians increased the capabilities of Oa's defensive systems by creating an armored structure that protects the planet, but this was destroyed during the preludes to the Blackest Night storyline.

After the final battle with the First Lantern, the Guardians guarding Volthroom have taken up the position of Guardians of the Universe under the new name "Templar Guardians" and rule with love and compassion.

The Green Lantern Honor Guard is an elite group of Green Lanterns, based on Oa but not restricted to one sector, who serve as leaders of the Corps, troubleshooters and special operatives.

The title and mantle of Honor Guard was first introduced in issue 1 of the three-part miniseries Tales of the Green Lantern Corps.

Amongst their rank were three elite Corps members; Tomar-Re , K'ryssma and Apros who lead three division of the Corps against the armies of the undead.

In issue 3 the Guardians promote Green Lantern Hal Jordan as the first human to receive the honor for his heroic actions in leading the Corps in the defeat of Krona and Nekron.

Jordan, although flattered, declines the honor, maintaining that he should be seen as "no different than any other ring-slinger" who did "what any Green Lantern would have done given the chance!

Guy also serves as field commander during battle. A Sentinel outranks the Honor Guard and Salakk as senior administrator, only getting orders directly from the Guardians.

However, this role was only temporary, as the Guardians mainly inducted him into this role to make his subsequent fall all the more significant, releasing an old enemy of Guy's while he was acting as a bodyguard so that his attention would be divided.

You've just been inducted into the coldest, hardest, meanest division of the Green Lantern Corps you never even knew existed.

Can't handle it? Tough luck, you don't have a choice. We live in the places that are too dark for the light of the Corps. We handle the jobs too dirty for the green.

Welcome to The Corpse. Members of The Corpse are not restricted by the same rules that regular Lanterns follow, and they perform the darkest, most dangerous missions and are allowed to use lethal force.

These members do not use Power Rings; instead, they swallow special coin-like disks that give them all of the powers of the standard ring with a charge that lasts five earth days.

These disks produce purple energy instead of the traditional green. Instead, they seem to prefer black uniforms that have no symbol. Very few Lanterns are even aware of the existence of the "Corpse".

Guy Gardner said that in all of his years in the Corps, he never heard of them and after participating in a mission with the Corpse, his memory of them was erased.

With the recent authorization of lethal force for the Corps in the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the future and necessity of the Corpse remains unknown.

On the run and hiding from his own people Von Daggle is once more recruited to serve the Green Lantern Corps to help defeat the Durlan Uprising.

Whether part of The Corpse or a separate part of the corps, there were also Deep Undercover Green Lantern Operatives observing areas that technically Green Lanterns were not allowed to go.

Following the events of the Blackest Night, it is revealed that some, if not all of the Alpha Lanterns have been recruited against their will.

The Alpha Lanterns have been subverted by the Cyborg Superman and have turned many Lanterns into Alphas against their will.

This is a bid to capture Ganthet, who knows much about their internal systems. The Cyborg, who is mostly Alpha himself, hopes that if Ganthet discovers how to turn the Alphas back to normal, the Cyborg can become human and thus die himself.

After Henshaw is defeated, the Alpha Lanterns are restored with insights, values, and priorities and given a semblance of their free will, thanks to Ganthet.

When Krona along with the emotional entities launched his attack on Oa, attacking the six of the remaining Guardians Ganthet working in the Anti-Matter universe at the time , by having them possessed by all the entities except for Parallax, who is placed inside the Central Power Battery.

With the yellow impurity returned to the green light, all of the Green Lanterns - with the apparent exception of Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Kilowog and Guy Gardner - are placed under Krona's control; the Alpha Lanterns are affected by the yellow impurity in such a way as to cause them to enter into some kind of hibernation.

Following acts of insubordination amongst the Green Lanterns, the Guardians ordered all Corps members to return to their assigned sectors and missions.

When John Stewart was forced to kill fellow Lantern Kirrt after he was broken by the Keepers' interrogation and was about to give them the information on Oa's planetary shield codes, his death was later registered as a Code GLD that led to the Alpha Lanterns congregating at the Chambers of The Alpha Lanterns where they agreed to commence the arraignment despite their actions causing a possible uproar in the Corps.

They later struck at Warriors Bar in order to place John Stewart under arrest The Alpha Lanterns took him for a court appearance before the collective Corps and The Guardians of the Universe to contemplate the evidence against him.

Ultimately, it was concluded that Stewart was guilty and the Alpha Lanterns decided on the judgement of death for his crime.

They believed this decision would prevent any future Green Lantern from conducting a similar act. As a result, the cybernetic Lanterns decided to not imprison Stewart in a normal detention cell but leave him confined in the Alpha Tower until his time of execution.

The Oans whilst not happy with the decision ultimately decided to agree with the Alpha Lanterns decision. Upon believing the Guardians approval, the Alpha Lanterns wanted the Oans to collectively execute Stewart.

This approach was refused and the Alpha Lanterns offered an alternative of bringing in an off-world executioner. However, this approach was also refused in an angry outburst by Gardner who left but not before telling the Alpha Lantern Corps to execute Stewart themselves if they had sentenced him to that fate.

The Guardians did not condone Gardner's behavior but believed his words rang true and told the Alpha Lanterns to conduct the sentence.

Following that point, Gardner went to the Alpha Tower where he was escorted by Boodikka in order to provide a final meal to Lantern Stewart.

Whilst being monitored, the Alpha Lanterns did not anticipate a breakout attempt by the rest of the Green Lantern Corps where Stewart was taken.

Following that point, the Alpha Lanterns pressed their advantage but the two renegade Earth Lanterns unleashed reprogrammed Manhunters against them.

In addition, the Alpha Lanterns faced a renewed assault from the rest of the Green Lantern Corps who had been freed from the Sciencells.

The cyborg Alpha Lanterns ended up fighting a renewed assault from both sides and saw them unite to defeat an amalgam composite of a massive Manhunter.

Once destroyed, they continued their attack against Stewart and Gardner where they successfully managed to capture them.

With the rogue Manhunters defeated, the cybernetic Alpha Lanterns proceeded to drain the Power Rings of the Green Lantern Corps of their charge where they intended to punish all the Lanterns for their dissent.

With the Earth Lanterns captive, the Alpha Lanterns proceeded with their judgement only for Varix to turn against his cybernetic brethren. This left Varix the only Alpha Lantern left and he terminated himself as he believed he along with his comrades had disgraced the Green Lantern Corps.

Afterwards, the bodies of Varix and the Alpha Lanterns were interned in the Crypt of the Green Lantern Corps but were shown prior to their transformation into cyborgs.

While the Alpha Lanterns were a subdivision of the Green Lantern Corps, they had an oath of their own:. The Keepers was the name given to a race of humanoid beings that inhabited the planet Urak.

These skeletal beings native world was a barren world where their race struggled to exist. Their existence changed when their homeworld was visited by the Guardians of the Universe who were seeking a place that would serve as a storage ground for the Green Lantern Power Batteries.

This came after it became apparent that members of the Green Lantern Corps began to suffer when their Power Rings ran out of charge. Thus, the Oans sought out a means of addressing this issue by providing easy access between a Green Lantern and their Power Rings.

They learnt that the unique properties of Urak allowed for a temporal conduit between a Power Battery and Power Ring whereupon they made a pact with the native species.

In exchange for rebuilding their world, the race would act as protectors and custodians of the Power Batteries that were stored in the Emerald Plains.

Thus, the native inhabitants of Urak became known as the Keepers due to their new role. The unique composition of their homeworld led to the Power Batteries growing as if they were crops within the Emerald Fields.

Though they held an important role in the Green Lantern Corps, their existence was not known to the Green Lanterns with even their Power Rings unable to identify the species.

These conditions, however, led to a form of symbiosis as the Power Batteries provided energy that nourished Urak and fed its people.

The energy of Willpower was thus infused into the singular DNA of the Keepers and provided them an amazingly potent force of will.

As a result, they became beings that possessed an innate reserve of willpower which was overwhelming and not in proportion with their relatively common forms.

This trait made their armor completely immune to the effects of Lantern Energy Construct that derived from Willpower in the Emotional Spectrum.

Their strength of will made them capable of actually willing their own bodies to shut down and kill themselves. The lush homeworld allowed their race to prosper as shepherds in this role.

Events changed for the race in when the Oans arrived on Urak and removed all the Power Batteries from the Keepers care who they referred to as undeserving parasites.

This act led to Urak returning to its formerly barren existence with the Keepers struggling to simply survive, so they begin to attack another planets in order to steal their resources.

The First Lantern is a mysterious being that stirs within imprisonment, sealed in the Chamber of Shadows for billions of years by the Guardians of the Universe.

The Guardians who have become unemotional decided the Green Lantern Corps had failed as an interstellar police force due to their emotions and free will and it was time to replace them, so they traveled to the Chamber of Shadows to pull the First Lantern out; however, as they reach the Chamber of Shadows they had to battle another group of Oans that were tasked with guarding the enigmatic First Lantern, even from the Guardians themselves.

Despite heavy resistance, the Guardians take the First Lantern, who is able to recognize the Guardians and demands to be let out to no avail, and travel to Earth where they use the DNA of the First Lantern along with their own flesh to create a horde of infectious warriors, known as the Third Army.

The imprisoned First Lantern tells them that they will regret what they have done and that he will escape. Meanwhile, Black Hand reanimated the elder Oan who was killed by the Guardians for information about where the Guardians hid the First Lantern, but is only told that the First Lantern endangers the universe.

Volthoom had apparently unlocked the power of the Emotional spectrum as he came with a power battery of his own later revealed to be the "Travel Lantern" and taught what he knew about the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum energy to the Guardians of the Universe.

As a result of the influx of power and energy a ring was created, the very first Power Ring which they would use in conjunction with Volthoom's own power battery to allow him to return to his home.

However, because the power battery was a direct connection to the emotional spectrum and had no intermediary battery, no safety regulators and no modulators, Volthoom became corrupted by its powers and took them for himself.

Now able to harness any color of the emotional spectrum, Volthoom dismayed the Guardians of the Universe and renaming himself as the First Lantern, he began killing millions of beings in the universe.

In order to fight back, the Guardians created the Manhunters and also released simultaneously the first seven Green Lantern rings to scan for possible users.

A number of Guardians remained behind to ensure that the First Lantern was kept imprisoned forever and became known as The Hidden Ones.

Eventually, the Guardians of the Universe inadvertently released a vengeful First Lantern from his prison.

Approaching the combatants on Oa, he captured the Guardians, forcing Ganthet to relive all of his life's mistakes and the reasons behind them.

He was unable to affect reality, however, as his power had been weakened by the Oans tapping into it. Thus he reabsorbed his power from the Third Army, causing it to crumble to dust; deciding he needed reservoirs of emotional energy from sentient beings, he began to tap into the memories of his captured foes and torture them emotionally.

In addition, he fed on great sources of Emotional energy, gaining it via destroying Korugar and later by claiming the Great Heart on Maltus.

With his powers at their height, Volthoom then reclaims the First Ring that Ganthet had kept within himself, intending to use the Central Power Battery as a conduit to alter the fabric of reality and conquer all of creation.

However, he faced the combined might of all the warriors from the Emotional Spectrum. These included the vengeful Sinestro, who was angry over the destruction of his homeworld and bonded with the Parallax Entity.

He utilized The Lord of The Dead to weaken Volthoom by separating him of his connection to the Emotional Spectrum, which, after Nekron sliced him in half, ultimately led to his defeat.

Yet while his body was destroyed, Volthoom's psychic energy still lives on, guiding Frank Laminski to use the Phantom Ring, which allows the user to harness any color of the Emotional Spectrum.

Volthoom also captured his erstwhile friend Rami, an exiled Guardian of the Universe who forged the Phantom Ring and first seven Green Lantern rings; after a tremendous battle, trapping his essence in an energy sphere, Volthoom possessed Rami's body.

More recently we discovered that after Nekron slew him, Volthoom went to the Dead Zone, where he revealed his history to his killer. As a result of the impending doom surrounding his planet and his way of life, Volthoom and his mother, both scientists, had already discovered the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Together they invented the "Travel Lantern," an "experimental device for infinite exploration" that used the energies of the Emotional Spectrum to travel between various alternate Earths.

Seeking a way to save their planet, Volthoom used the Travel Lantern to jump from universe to universe, including a stop in Earth-3 where the wizard Mordru used a piece of Volthoom's soul to create Power Ring's ring.

Eventually Volthoom arrived in Earth 0 10 billion years in the past. After recounting his history to Nekron, Volthoom begs him to end his life; Necron reveals he cannot.

Volthoom's bond with the Emotional Spectrum is profound and permanent, and as long as there is light in the universe, he will never die. As Necron utters this, Volthoom is immediately pulled back to Earth 0.

In this way he is able to read several pages from the Book of Oa, discovering that while his Travel Lantern was destroyed, the device was used to build the first seven Green Lantern Rings; knowing this, he seeks the rings, presumably so he may use their power to return to his own world, and discovers they reside in the Vault of Shadows, guarded by the Mighty Tyran'r, sole surviving member of the first seven Lanterns.

While Tyran'r uncovers Volthoom's ruse, Volthoom manages to prevent his revealing the truth to Simon and Jessica. It's also revealed that 10 billion years ago, in an attempt to help Volthoom, Rami secretly used the Travel Lantern to reach Earth, seeing its destruction with his own eyes, only to discover that a time-traveling Volthoom, having gone mad, destroyed the very planet he had come back to save.

Volthoom, enraged and corrupted by the powers of the entire Emotional Spectrum, attempted to force Rami to hand the items over, only for the other Guardians of the Universe to come to his aid.

However, Volthoom killed many Guardians in his quest to find his travel lantern and ring. With no other choice, Rami destroyed the Travel Lantern, using it to forge the first seven Green Lantern Rings to harness the green Emotional Energy of willpower.

It's not quite clear what state Rami is in at this point. He's been de-aged and restored by the First Ring and goes after Jessica Cruz. Simon is able to lock him in a prison but Volthoom is able to escape it while Jessica Cruz tends to Rami.

Volthoom overpowers Simon Baz's ring and destroys it. Volthoom tries to reclaim Jessica's ring, even accessing its protocols, but Jessica's will is strong and she escapes with Simon to San unknown location in the universe.

The Guardians of the Universe who have become unemotional were preparing to create the 'Third Army' to replace the Green Lantern Corps.

The organic constructs have the ability to transform other beings into copies of themselves through direct contact. It has been shown that they possess both enhanced strength and a collective intelligence which is shown during an attack on the Red Lanterns when Atrocitus stabs one of the Third Army in the eyes, where all the Third Army felt the pain.

The First Seven are the predecessors of the Green Lantern Corps, assembled 10 billion years ago in order to bring Volthoom to justice. In the universe prior to the current one, groups managed to tap into the wellspring of power created by the Emotional Spectrum.

In this universe those who tapped into the green light were known as the Lightsmiths of the Green Light of Resolve. In the parallel universe of Earth-1, the Green Lantern Corps was wiped out centuries ago by the Manhunters , the Central Power Battery was presumed destroyed and the few remaining Power Rings were scattered across the galaxy and deprived of their full power.

In the near future, the Corps is reborn when asteroid miner Hal Jordan discovers a Power Ring and, eventually, the Central Power Battery, which had been contained but not destroyed.

Jordan is able to send out a distress call to all remaining power rings, and the ring bearers unite to retrieve the battery and destroy the majority of the Manhunters.

With the full power of the rings restored, the Green Lantern Corps is reborn under the leadership of Arisia , with each member returning to their homeworld to defend it from the Manhunters, but also swearing to aid each other if needed.

The Guardians, having heard of Superman's change and more forceful approach to enforce justice, send a squad of Green Lanterns to apprehend Superman and to bring him to Oa for trial.

Superman, having been warned prematurely by Sinestro, as well as receiving aid from the Sinestro Corps, overpowers the squad, and forces them to relinquish their rings.

This eventually forces a violent reaction from Ganthet, who proceeds to bring in a large amount of Green Lanterns as well as Mogo with him.

Despite early advantages thanks to their numbers as well as the number of rioters within Earth, the Green Lanterns soon become overextended and are picked out individually because Superman's Regime brought civilians out to the front, knowing that the Green Lanterns would not attempt to harm them.

Meanwhile, Superman, who was shot with a Kryptonite bullet by Black Canary, receives a Yellow Power ring, which he uses to extract the bullet, and he proceeds to kill Canary.

With his powers further augmented, Superman proceeds to drive Ganthet and Mogo to the Earth's sun to end the war, and effectively wiping out nearly every Green Lantern that was involved in the war.

They are an interdimensional police force powered by seemingly useless objects they received from godlike beings known as the Idelons, who are drawn to creative forces.

There are only seven members of the Avant Guard, each with a different-colored object that grants them art-based abilities. For the most part, the Avant Guard has a fractious relationship and runs a risk of overlooking their enemies' rights.

At the end of the story, a supervillian forces Greyscale to murder Samantha Dean, Chiroscuro's girlfriend, and stuff her in the infamous fridge.

This listing is for the "core" series or limited series to feature the Green Lantern Corps in their various incarnations over the years:. Some of the stories have been collected into trade paperbacks and hardcover :.

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Art by Alex Ross. Showcase 22 September John Broome Gil Kane. See: List of Green Lanterns. Van Jensen. Basically, there are nine Lantern Corps character based on personalities.

We value your knowledge. There is no doubt that you know a lot of things about the Lantern Corps. Before starting the quiz we will discuss a bit for those who need some hint here.

Schwartz's new conception of Green Lantern had a different name Hal Jordan , costume, and origin story, and no connection to the original Green Lantern.

Whereas the Green Lantern of the s was a lone vigilante who only had adventures on Earth, the new Green Lantern was but one of a group of interstellar lawmen who all called themselves Green Lanterns.

The Green Lantern Corps is the name of a fictional intergalactic militarized law enforcement organization in comics by DC Comics.

They patrol the farthest reaches of the DC Universe at the behest of the Guardians, a race of immortals residing on the planet Oa.

According to DC continuity, the Green Lantern Corps has been in existence for three billion years, surviving multiple conflicts both internal and foreign.

When it comes to the Lantern Corps, color is the main thing which tells you almost everything about the crop. Please have a quick look at the quizzes and answer properly.

David Awunor 6 months ago. Question of. Tweet Pin it Embed Code. Select your gender.. What do you value the most? Which of the following characteristics do you appreciate most about a person?

Someone who is optimistic. Someone who goes the extra mile for others. Someone with a good listening ear. When chosing a movie, what genre tend to go for?

What would you do if you saw an injured dog on the side of the road? Take it to the vet. Take it home and care for it. Hope it gets better.

Scare it off. Which of these sounds enjoyable to you? Watching TV. What's your favorite type of music? What do you want most in the society?

Which of these colours do you prefer? Are you good at reading people? Not really. Which of these is the most effective way to bring order to the world?

Ruling the world with an iron fist. Spreading the gifts of love and peace. Creating a structured set of laws and punishing those who break them.

The Guardian known as Scar, so-named for the injury she suffered at the hands of the Anti-Monitor during the conflict, has become enraptured by the black light, and is now a servant of Death.

The Green Lantern villain Black Hand, previously best known for his device that could mimic the abilities of power rings, was retconned in the "Secret Origins" arc as a witness to the first battle between Atrocitus, Sinestro, and Hal Jordan.

Atrocitus recognized in Black Hand, then simply mortuary assistant William Hand, a gateway to absolute blackness that existed within him. In Green Lantern 43, he finally made full contact with Death, killing his family and at last himself as the final part of his journey towards death.

Black in color theory is actually a "complete lack of color" which would tie in nicely with death being the complete lack of life, and the colors of the spectrum representing and existing because of the existence of life.

White on the other hand is the combined effect of all colors added together. So it'll be interesting to see if that plays a role at the end of this.

White Lantern Corps? A new force that uses all the light together to fight the darkness? Any takers? Everything you need to know about and expect during.

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President Trump Threatens to Fire Dr. Fauci After Election. What the U. Should Have Learned From the Election. They rampaged through Sector , massacring trillions in the process.

The only survivors banded together to form the Five Inversions, swearing revenge on the Guardians for the actions of their creations.

One of the five, Atrocitus , would later become the leader of the Red Lantern Corps. It was later discovered that the Manhunters had not suffered a flaw in their logic, as had previously been assumed, but that the renegade Guardian Krona had reprogrammed them in an attempt to show the other Guardians the necessity in embracing emotions.

Chastened by the failure of the Manhunters, the Guardians decided that their newest force of soldiers for good would consist of living beings, ones who had free will and strong moral character.

A brief first attempt was the Halla, who were given the energy guns and the power batteries of the Manhunters to serve them in their goal.

Soon the Guardians had decided to discontinue this organization, the last of their number being Kendotha Kr'nek who served three and a half to three billion years ago in the war against Apokolips.

To arm this new legion of celestial knights, the Guardians created the Power Rings , rings of inconceivably-advanced technology that allowed their wearers to project green beams of energy with which the bearer could conjure objects of any size or shape, limited only by their imagination and willpower.

The Guardians' failure to take appropriate action during the Crisis led to their decision to depart Oa in the company of their female counterparts, the Zamarons.

Left to their own devices, the Corps underwent a major reorganization. A team of Green Lanterns led by Hal Jordan was stationed on Earth, and the system of assigning one Green Lantern to a sector was temporarily abandoned.

The decision of the Corps to execute Sinestro resulted in the activation of a previously unknown fail-safe that depowered the rings of every Green Lantern except for Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner , Gnort , and Ch'p.

Ironically, Jordan himself would eventually be responsible for destroying the incarnation of the Corps that he had helped create. In that vast length of time, some Green Lanterns rebelled and turned against the Corps.

Two of the most important fallen Lanterns were Sinestro , the rogue Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan , who would unknowingly become possessed by Parallax , the ancient fear-parasite trapped in the Battery.

At the ruins of his home Coast City , Jordan was consumed by grief, which in turn allowed him to be overcome by fear—all the while not knowing that his fear was tainted by the creature Parallax.

This was planned by Sinestro while he was imprisoned in the Battery. The Corps' power source, the Central Power Battery, was drained by Jordan and destroyed, removing the original power source for the rings.

After the fall of the Corps, other organizations tried to fill in the power vacuum left by the Guardians. Two organizations had initial notable successes: the Darkstars and L.

However, neither ever achieved the power and reach of the Green Lantern Corps. When Kyle Rayner accidentally travelled through time to ten years in the past and met a young Hal Jordan, the Guardians were able to send Rayner back to his own time by using the power from the Central Battery after Jordan and Rayner defeated Sinestro together.

However, while doing so, Sinestro commanded his Qwardian ring to force Jordan to Rayner's time portal, in a bid to strand Jordan in Rayner's time period.

Upon learning his future as Parallax not knowing, however, that his future self's actions was the result of being possessed by a fear entity under the machination of Sinestro's future self and aware that the future needed him to return to his own time and allow future events to unravel in the way it was supposed to, young Jordan knew he must forget everything he learned from the present, and gave Rayner a copy of his ring to restart the Green Lantern Corps in a bid to undo some of the damages he knew he was going to make once he returned to the past.

Rayner then gave the ring to Jennifer-Lynn Hayden , daughter of the elder Green Lantern Alan Scott , whereupon she became the first female Green Lantern of Earth, following in her father's footsteps, after he made another copy with it.

In Green Lantern: The New Corps , during his weeks-long adventure in space, Rayner first recruited Magaan Van'n Intraktus of the planet Van'n, Hammeroon , a bounty hunter from Ilskado System, Anya Savenlovich , a lieutenant colonel from the Soviet Air Forces who was in suspended animation after she participated in a space mission in , Garl Rathbone , a miner from the debris belt over the planet Daffith, and Sool , a judge from Daffith.

However, the group later realized Van'n Intraktus was a traitor after they discovered that he enslaved his home planet with his ring and began invading other worlds.

The Green Lanterns eventually stopped the renegade after a battle, but at the cost of one of their own: Hammeroon.

Rayner then realized that he couldn't be the only one to choose whom to wear the rings, and took all of the power rings back from the Green Lanterns until the time was right for the Corps' rebirth.

After erecting a memorial for Hammeroon, Rayner returned to Earth. The former Green Lanterns, despite being stripped of their rings, decided to continue their intergalactic adventures.

In an attempt to redeem himself after his actions as Parallax, Hal Jordan sacrificed his life reigniting the sun, whereupon Oa and the Central Power Battery were completely rebuilt by the physical manifestation of Jordan's dying will channeled through his old friend and confidant Thomas Kalmaku.

Shortly thereafter, Kyle Rayner , having been imbued with the vast power of Ion after his battle with Oblivion and Alexander Nero funneled the remaining energy left in the sun that was once the immortal Guardians back into the Central Power Battery.

This allowed them to be reborn as children of both genders. After Hayden regained her Starheart powers and becomes the superheroine Jade once more, Rayner gave the ring to John Stewart.

After Oa's return, Kilowog would eventually be resurrected. With everything apparently in place, Ganthet, Kilowog, Stewart, and Rayner made plans to rebuild the Corps once more.

It was later revealed that Hal Jordan had been possessed by the living embodiment of fear, an ancient parasite called Parallax.

Parallax had been imprisoned within the Central Power Battery for billions of years and is the mysterious "Yellow Impurity" within the Corps' green light that leaves them vulnerable against yellow.

Hal Jordan, upon learning the truth about Parallax, separated himself from it and was reborn as a Green Lantern once again.

Upon Parallax's return to the Central Power Battery, the Guardians continued the re-construction and expansion of the Green Lantern Corps, strengthened with its power rings now able to directly affect yellow provided that a Lantern can face and conquer his or her fear.

This new Corps, under the training of Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and other veterans, was primarily composed of new recruits.

Only a handful of veteran Lanterns remained in the ranks. Each sector has two Lanterns assigned to protect it with Hal Jordan and John Stewart assigned as the protectors of Sector , Guy and Kyle acting as 'elite' members responsible for training.

Due to an ancient pact with the Spider Guild , the Vega star system is off limits to all members of the Corps. The new Green Lantern Corps presently lacks both the manpower and the political influence it once had due to its years-long absence from many sectors.

This has left the Corps currently unable to intervene in situations it might have before Parallax destroyed the old Corps, including conflicts such as the Rann-Thanagar War.

The Guardians remain staunchly uninvolved in what they see as a conflict that could destabilize many sectors, but that has not stopped Kyle Rayner and Kilowog from helping refugees.

Despite these difficulties, the Corps played a key role in defeating Superboy-Prime. Several Lanterns were killed slowing the renegade Superboy's advance on Oa, a sacrifice that enabled Earth's most powerful heroes to execute their plan to restrain him.

Mogo , a sentient planet and Corps member, positioned himself to act as a final battleground between Superboy-Prime and two Supermen.

Responsibility for imprisoning Superboy-Prime was undertaken by the Guardians who charged the Corps with its undertaking, incarcerating him inside a small red Sun-Eater with fifty Green Lanterns on constant guard duty.

As of the " One Year Later " timeframe, the Green Lantern Corps had increased its numbers, with many former trainees now full-fledged officers.

A lack of truly experienced lanterns remained an issue, with Guy Gardner being called upon often to assist the rookies. Parallax defeated them in space and after Parallax destroyed the Corps, they were assumed to be dead.

Instead, they were captured by the Manhunters and taken to Biot, the Manhunter homeworld in Sector They were used in various experiments to design and power new Manhunter models.

They were eventually found and rescued by the resurrected Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. They rejoined the Corps, albeit with some difficult adjustment.

Despite learning of Parallax's possession of Hal Jordan, many still blame him for their captivity and cluster to themselves when summoned to Oa.

Dubbed the " Sinestro Corps ", it recruited beings capable of generating great fear. One of the members recruited into the Sinestro Corps was Amon Sur , the son of former Green Lantern Abin Sur , who held a grudge against Hal Jordan for being chosen to bear his father's ring instead of him.

As the Sinestro Corps' campaign of terror spread, the Guardians, in desperation, rewrote the first Law of Ten in the Book of Oa , enabling the remaining Lanterns to use lethal force against members of the Sinestro Corps.

This law later expanded to include all adversaries of the Green Lanterns, though the law does not extend to cold-blooded killing of defenseless adversaries.

This distinction played a part in the expulsion of Laira from the Green Lantern Corps for killing Amon Sur when he was unarmed, her induction into the Red Lanterns, and subsequent death over the course of events during the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night storylines.

Hidden in the Book of Oa is the forbidden chapter of Cosmic Revelations, which contains a prophecy called the "Blackest Night". In the prophecy, seven different colored corps are at war with each other, eventually destroying one another and the universe.

Realizing that the "Blackest Night" prophecy will come to be, they create a blue ring powered by hope. During the Blackest Night , the Guardians finally realize the accuracy of the prophecy and are imprisoned by Scar; a rogue Guardian who launches an attack on the Corps by reviving deceased members as Black Lanterns.

At the end of "Blackest Night", 12 heroes and villains were resurrected for some unknown purpose. The events of Brightest Day follow the exploits of these heroes and villains as they attempt to learn the secret behind their salvation.

It is revealed that the 12 resurrected must complete an individual assignment given to them by the White Lantern Entity.

If they are successful, their life will be fully returned. Boston Brand aka Deadman is made the first White Lantern picking up the White Lantern battery and is charged by the Life Entity to find a new champion who will bear the white light of life and take the Entity's place.

Hal Jordan, as well as the representatives of the other Lantern Corps attempt to prevent the capture of all the emotional entities which eventually leads to the Green Lantern Corps War.

Guy Gardner explores the unknown sectors and continues a secret pact with Ganthet and Atrocitus. As Guy leaves OA, Kilowog and Arisia join up to aid him in his search, as they put in motion a universe-saving plan against a new, hidden foe who meanwhile, pulls Sodam Yat out of Daxam's sun taking the Ion entity.

After the Blackest Night, Hal Jordan forms a loose alliance with Carol Ferris, Atrocitus, Sinestro, Larfleeze, Saint Walker and Indigo-1 to find and protect the emotional entities, who have been kidnapped by a mysterious villain.

The kidnapper is revealed to be Krona, who is also revealed to be the one who caused the Manhunters to go on a rampage in the first place.

However, Hal escapes and takes their rings. Krona begins the next stage of his plan, using the Guardians as the entities' hosts. He also places Parallax back into the Central Power Battery, restoring the yellow impurity and brainwashing all the Green Lanterns into serving him.

The other Lantern unaffected by the yellow impurity is Ganthet. Kilowog is captured by Krona, and his resistance to brainwashing overcome. To prevent Krona from controlling them, the Earthmen take off their Green Lantern rings and put on the rings Hal rescued from the Book of the Black.

However, an ambush from the brainwashed Lanterns separates the group. Hal and Guy end up captured by the Guardians, while Kyle and John travel to Mogo with the intention of freeing it from Krona's control.

However, John and Kyle are attacked by Lanterns while they travel to Mogo's core. John harnesses the Black Lantern energy left in Mogo and uses it to destroy Mogo.

With the impurity removed, Hal, John, Kyle and Guy recover their Green Lantern rings and join the Corps in the final battle against Krona and the entity-possessed Guardians.

Also, Sinestro becomes a Green Lantern once again. Hal kills Krona, releasing the entities from the Guardians. However, the Guardians believe Hal to be the most dangerous Green Lantern, so they discharge him from the Corps.

The status of the Green Lantern Corps remained unchanged by the reboot applied in the Flashpoint series. As of , Sinestro is still an unwilling Green Lantern, Hal remains exiled although he has been forced to assist Sinestro's activities with a ring created and powered by Sinestro while Kyle has gone AWOL alongside six members of the other Lantern Corps.

John was recently forced to kill a Green Lantern who was about to give in to torture the access codes to the Oan defense network from the Keepers.

Guy remains the only main character with a stable position in the Corps. The Guardians currently consider the Green Lantern Corps a failure.

They are planning to replace it with a mysterious "Third Army", which will be led by the equally mysterious "First Lantern".

The Third Army consists of beings with no free will that are made out of the Guardians' bio-tissue. The First Lantern is a being who was imprisoned and kept under guard by the older Guardians because he was deemed too dangerous to leave free.

Sinestro gave Hal Jordan a temporary ring to help him out on missions, but the Guardians attacked them and both rings merged into a single, faulty one.

It mistakenly concluded that Sinestro and Jordan were dead, so it went in search of a new Lantern named Simon Baz.

B'dg of Sector says that some Green Lanterns have discovered the Guardians' true intentions. Meanwhile, Green Lantern Sentinel Guy Gardner is assisting a ship as a peace treaty with warring planets.

This is interrupted when he learns that his mortal enemy Xar is free. Unbeknownst to Guy, Xar was freed by the Guardians.

Guy takes half of the Lanterns with him away from the mission in order to keep his family safe, but they are met by members of the Third Army.

Guy escapes, but only to be reprimanded and removed from the Corps. Meanwhile, Green Lantern John Stewart is on a mission to gather all of the pieces of the deceased, sentient planet known as Mogo, in the hopes that Mogo can then restore himself.

This succeeds, and Mogo is reborn. The Guardians had planned on assimilating the reformed Mogo into the Third Army. Mogo quickly defeated this division of the Third Army.

The rest of the Green Lantern Corps discovered that the Guardians had turned against them, so the Corps join the New Guardians and Atrocitus' Manhunters to help them fight.

During the fight with the Third Army and the Guardians, the Guardians draw so much energy from Volthoom that he breaks free of containment.

Volthoom says that everything the Guardians have created will be no more, and that the universe will be his once again. When Volthoom is freed, [9] he teleports to the planet Maltus and imprisons the Guardians.

While Volthoom is in a weakened state, he begins to drain the Lanterns and other present beings of their emotions, minds, and memories.

He intends to examine their lives in order to restore his emotional powers. He alters their memories while doing so, apparently because he wants them to suffer.

Later, Volthoom destroys Sinestro 's home planet of Korugar by draining the Korugarian's of their emotions.

Mogo then rallies the Green Lantern Corps to fight against Volthoom. The Green Lantern Corps and most of the other reserve Corps try to destroy Volthoom, but he easily manages to defeat the Corps.

Then the Indigo Tribe appears. Volthoom manages to destroy the army and drain Black Lantern Hal. Before Volthoom can unleash his full power, he is thwarted by Sinestro, who has become the new host of Parallax.

Volthoom gains the upper hand, saying that he is more powerful than God. Then Black Lantern Hal proceeds to summon Nekron. He reduces Volthoom's emotional powers to a normal human state.

Nekron slays Volthoom with his scythe for good, causing him to explode into rays of light. After the battle is over, Hal is saved from the Black Lantern ring and becomes a Green Lantern again.

He goes after Sinestro, who intends to kill the Guardians for everything they have done to him, to Korugar, and to the Universe at large.

By the time Hal catches up, Sinestro reveals that Hal is too late. The Guardians are dead. Later though, Sinestro meets in secret with ex-Guardians Ganthet and Sayd.

He exiles them from Oa, but chooses to spare their lives since they had no involvement in Korugar's destruction. As Hal accepts the offer to act as the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, all the corps started experiencing failure of their rings during a battle with Larfleeze.

They then face an unexpected threat in the form of Relic, a resident of the universe that existed prior to this one, who seeks to destroy the various Corps in the belief that using the powers of the emotional spectrum drains an emotional 'reservoir' and hastens the death of the universe.

Following this, Relic, wielding lantern draining technology, destroys Oa and the green lantern power battery. Relic is proved correct as it becomes clear that the universe is coming to an end due to lanterns using the power of the emotional spectrum so he heads off to the Source Wall to save reality.

After joining with the Green Lanterns to fight Relic, Hal promises to give the Red Lanterns a sector for them to watch over.

Unwittingly, this sector becomes Sector , where Earth resides, giving guardianship of Earth to the Red Lantern Corps.

With Relic trapped in the Source War it is Kyle Rayner with the entities except Parallax who is able to use his White Lantern status to replenish the emotional reservoir beyond the Source Wall.

Following this the Green Lanterns make a new home on Mogo with a new battery made by the Indigo Tribe. Although they survived some Green Lanterns and Saint Walker are unwilling to use their rings if they damage the universe.

Following their battle with Relic, the Green Lantern reputation is already tarnished by the Guardians and the Third Army but is further damaged by Durlan shapeshifters.

The Durlans had been posing as green lantern support staff waiting for a time to strike and they posed as Hal Jordan revealing to the universe their rings do damage to the universe.

They even try to recruit former green lantern prisoners such as Bolphunga, Hunger Dog, etc. As the Green Lantern corps is low on numbers they deputize the former criminals teaming them with green lanterns.

They recruit former leader of the Corpse Durlan Green Lantern member Von Daggle to hunt down his own kind to prevent them doing further harm.

After clearing Mogo of Durlan spies and those posing as green lanterns, the green lanterns are able to stop the uprising.

However, following this retreat the Durlans reveal their true intentions their allies are simply pawns; they destroy the Khund fleet and their betrayal turns the Outer Clanns into helping the green lanterns.

The Durlans had captured Daxamite green lantern Sodam Yat discovering his Superman-like powers and their true goal was to turn themselves into Daxamites to conquer the universe.

Having already replaced a large number of people from Daxam, the Durlans head off to claim the energy they need to permanently stay as Daxamites.

They are stopped by the green lantern corps. However one Durlan, who had been posing as John Stewart's love Fatality hence how the Durlans were always one step ahead , successfully becomes a Daxanite by reaching the energy.

She too is defeated by being moved away from a yellow sun. For their help the former green lantern prisoners are given clean records, while Von Daggle with help from Mogo strips his Durlan brethren of their shapeshifting powers so not be a threat to the corps again.

Also the fact that mortals wielding of the emotional spectrum could have access to such power Highfather declares war on all the Corps across the universe.

When the combined corps attempt to attack in force against the New Gods they are betrayed by the Indigo Tribe and imprisoned.

Soon Kyle Rayner is tricked by Highfather into gaining the Life Equation intending to take the fight to Earth, then convert the planet and universe into an army to fight Darkseid.

After receiving help from some New Gods especially Malhedron who disagree with Highfather, our heroes escape striking back against the New Gods waiting for reinforcements from Hal Jordan.

Meanwhile, the Templar Guardians reveal that Kyle Rayner still has the Life Equations within him and takes the power off Highfather, teleporting away the Source Titans.

Relic is also restored to life escaping and the Sinestro Corps retreats leaving the New Gods to their fate. Highfather realizing he is becoming like Darkseid ends the war with the Corps and apologies unable to change his actions.

The Green Lantern Corps returns home to Mogo. They are led by a witch called Wyllt who as a child crashed on Ysmault where the demons poisoned her mind, although she was rescued by Abin Sur whose mind was also eventually poisoned by the same demons.

She became consumed with restoring darkness to universe by expelling light. When a planet-destroying bomb on the planet Zarox is discovered by John Stewart the full scope of her plans are revealed.

She had influenced the Durlans and Khund in their Uprising and was the one responsible for the bomb that destroyed Xanshi, the planet John Stewart had once accidentally destroyed.

These world-destroying bombs are powered by negative emotions and protected against a Green Lantern's willpower energy.

However, Wyllt flees with it being revealed that the Shadow Empire is in every space sector and has negative emotion bombs buried on hundreds of worlds.

Darkseid comes into conflict with the Anti-Monitor thanks to Darkseid's amazon daughter Grail.

It is revealed that the Anti-Monitor was once a scientist named Mobius, who found the anti-life equation at center of the anti-matter universe on Qward.

Mobius believes that with the death of Darkseid, he will be free from being the Anti-Monitor. Using the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid.

With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil. Hal Jordan battles the whole army and is captured and brought before the Mother Box.

There it reveals it wants to serve a new god with Hal Jordan agreeing to be its god, he is then changed into the God of Light. Hal uses his godlike power to restore Oa and the Corps but realizes he should simply restore things to the way they were whether good or bad.

He uses his power to destroy the Mother Box and undo the parademon attack. Faced with the wider universe becoming increasingly troubled by the Green Lanterns' existence after the chaos of recent events, Hal Jordan decides to act as a scapegoat, going on the run with Krona's prototype gauntlet so that the rest of the Corps can denounce him as a renegade and redeem their own reputation.

However, this plan doesn't last long as the majority of the Corps are transported to the universe before ours where Relic came from. They arrive during the War of the Dwindling Light and the universe about to end.

There they encounter a time displaced Krona and a younger Relic as allies fighting against all Lightsmiths of that dying universe. Six months on and with days till the end of the universe they encounter a planet Perduron with the Last City housing refugees.

The Last City is moved to Mogo and Perduron destroyed. What remains of the Corps enters a tear in space that they hope will return them home. Hal Jordan although a fugitive continues to help people, discovering the Corps gone, he tries to become a one-man corps with help from his ship's AI Darlene, plus ally Virgo and criminal Trapper.

With worlds being turned into source wall rock, with help from Relic Hal discovers this is accidentally being done by Black Hand, who is defeated by being absorbed into the Source Wall.

Hal also helps stop some Modoran terrorists on Earth and fights a version of himself as Parallax from another universe.

Soon Hal is channeling enough Will has become the living embodiment of it and plans to save the Corps. The Sinestro Corps takes over the Green Lantern's Corps role of 'protecting' the universe, by bringing order through fear.

The Sinestro Corps moment as replacement protectors comes against The Paling, anti-emotion religious monks called Pale Vicars who turn people into emotionless followers.

With help from Black Adam , Sinestro discovers that they are led by the Pale Bishop a former Guardian of the Universe who turned his back on his kind when they started to use the Emotional Spectrum.

Sinestro fights the Pale Bishop directly and successfully kills the Guardian but this leaves him severely weakened. The Sinestro Corps is praised for saving the Earth and the galaxy, even thanked by members of the Justice League.

Sinestro gives leadership of this corps over to his daughter former Green Lantern Soranik Natu, who makes Arkillo partnered with Saint Walker lanterns assigned to Earth sector.

A weakened Sinestro is happy that his corps is now what he always wanted the Green Lantern Corps to be. Soon after the Sinestro Corps successfully deals with many threats to the galaxy including the reborn Red Lanterns.

Hal returns as Green Lantern again after abandoning the prototype gauntlet due to its energies starting to transform him into a living construct, although he uses his new powers to forge a new power ring from Will itself for himself.

Hal now equipped with his self-constructed power ring is a one-man corps searching for the rest of the Green Lanterns and hunting down the Sinestro Corps.

Hal returns to Earth temporarily to assign Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz the task of protecting Earth, he takes their Power Batteries and fuses them into a single battery to help the two bond as Lantern partners.

The Green Lantern Corps returns in a distant part of the universe where Guy Gardner is sent out to scout their location.

The fight to return to their own universe and time has cost the Lanterns over ninety percent of their fighting force in deaths and injuries.

The Sinestro Corps has moved Warworld into the former place of Oa where a dying Sinestro is rejuvenated by bonding with Parallax and explains he used his daughter to gain the trust of the universe so now he could inflict great fear on the universe to establish order.

He then creates a fear engine giving great power to himself and his corps maintained by Sacrament Priests. Hal takes on several Yellow Lanterns and gets injured but he is healed by Soranik, Sinestro's daughter.

Soranik finds yellow lanterns loyal to her and saves the captives of the fear engine including Guy Gardner who was being tortured.

Not really. Which of these is the most effective way to bring order to the world? Ruling the world with an iron fist. Spreading the gifts of love and peace.

Creating a structured set of laws and punishing those who break them. Do you often hurt people without realizing it?

All the time. Which emotion is the most powerful? Are you easily angered? Which would upset you the most? A break up. Someone trying to appeal to your soft side.

People in need not getting help. A culprit getting away with his crime. Those who avoid reality will be less ideal in the future.

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Main article: Power ring. After the Green Lantern Sinestro betrayed the Green Lantern Corps and created the Sinestro Corpsa prophecy was fulfilled Kino Hamburg Lantern Corps of the other cosmic energies of emotion shall form, such Pandora Peaks Red rage Baby Daddy Staffel 1, Orange greedBlack deathWhite Top GearSerial Netflix compassionBlue hopeLadenkino Violet love. For a more comprehensive list, Big Fish Stream List of Green Lanterns. Main article: Book of Oa. Once destroyed, they continued their attack against Stewart and Gardner where they successfully managed to capture them. Hal attempts to help Tomar-Tu, but he accepts Keine Ehe Ohne Pause he broke the law and must face punishment. Events changed for the race Die Triffids when the Oans arrived on Urak and removed all the Power Batteries from the Keepers care who they referred to as undeserving parasites. They also help a recently freed Bolphunga, freed by making a deal to kill his elderly father Boff, with a being called Singularity Jain. Hal Jordan will ins Green Lantern Corps zurück - doch das gibt es nicht mehr! Stattdessen nimmt der Planet des Sinestro Corps jenen | jetzt bestellen! Schau dir unsere Auswahl an black lantern corps an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. variant GREEN LANTERN CORPS #55 BRIGHTEST DAY 1st print DCCollectibles, Comics, Modern Age (Now).

Lantern Corps

Wonder Woman 1 - Die Lügen. Er notlandete mit seinem Raumschiff auf der Erde und Irezumi dabei schwer verletzt. Green Lantern 2. Benutzername Passwort Noch kein Mitglied? Leviathan 2. Er rekrutierte Mitglieder und gründete das Corps neu. Es wurden noch keine Bewertungen abgegeben. Supergirl Megaband 3. Diablo - Das Königreich der Schatten. Deswegen gründeten die Wächter das Green Lantern Corps. Batman - Die Nacht der Monster-Menschen. Venom 6 - Insel des Toni Erdmann Stream Deutsch.

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Rise Of The Ultra Violet Lantern Corps! (Justice League Vol 1: Totality) Lantern Corps Die Manhunters rebellierten Rbb Märchen gegen ihre Schöpfer. Hal Jordan will ins Green Lantern Corps zurück - doch das gibt es nicht mehr! Kunden kauften auch. Wonder Woman 1 - Die Lügen. Green Naked Witch 2. Regie führte Martin Campbell Casino Royale. Der Batman, der Neuer Liebesfilm - Der Tod der Batmen. Lantern Corps Lantern Corps


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